Saturday: First Annual Ladies Night on Frenchmen Street




New Orleans First Annual ‘Ladies Night on Frenchmen Street’ is happening this Saturday night from 6pm until at Vaso Lounge. Hosted by ‘Ghost in The Machine Productions’, the event will feature performances by local female artists looking to bring attention to plight of women and children of sexual abuse.

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Pinettes Brass Band founder and snare drummer Christie Jourdain is one of the event organizers. “(Pinettes trombonist Nicole Elwood and I) came up with the idea in December. Being a female musician, we were tired of being looked over. We wanted to unite other women artists around what we do cause I’m sure there’s a point where they get overlooked too.”

In addition to uniting female artists around their work,‘Ladies Night’ is being used as an opportunity to raise awareness about child sexual abuse. Jourdain explains: “So many women went through that, are going through that. Some of the artists I called to participate, when I told them the cause they said ‘That’s a great cause. That happened to me. You don’t even have to pay me to be in it, I’ll do it for free.’ Some people are not as open about it, but some are. I wish we could stop it altogether but now its time to focus on healing.”

The women originally planned the event for April but soon found all the club dates were snapped up by shows related to the upcoming NCAA conference and major festivals happening in the city. Because the event had to be fast-tracked, they weren’t able to get sponsors for their first free-to-the-public festival. “We were determined to make it happen this Spring,” says Jourdain. “So right now, I’m paying artists out of my pocket to get it off the ground. Maybe next year, we’ll get sponsors. Right now, we just want to unite artists. Plus its women’s month so its a good time to do it.”

In addition to radio personality Kelder Summers and popular local comedian Jack Spratt, special guests include NOPD detective Nakisha Barnes, case worker for sexually abused kids; a female Mardi Gras Indian, poets, R&B bands, Gospel singers, and a female DJ on the turntables. The Pinettes Brass Band will close the event with a performance beginning at midnight.


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