This American Life retracts damning Apple story



In my interview with This American Life host Ira Glass that ran in Gambit last week, we discussed the show episode "Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory," in which monologist Mike Daisey details his first-hand account of the deplorable conditions of Foxconn, the Chinese factory where Apple products — among other brand electronics — are manufactured. But today, This American Life has completely retracted the episode, saying they have discovered details from the episode to have been "partially fabricated."

The show's website says this Sunday's episode will be devoted to "detailing the errors" of the episode with Marketplace reporter Rob Schmitz, and Daisey appears on the show to talk with Glass "about why he misled This American Life during the fact-checking process."

This American Life airs 1 p.m. Saturday and 5 p.m. Sunday locally on WWNO (89.9 FM), and you can find the episode after 6 p.m. on Sunday night here. This should be some good radio.

UPDATE: Here is a press release from This American Life with more specifics on the fabricated details.

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