Tulane to appear on Dan Savage's MTV series Savage U



Last October I blogged that syndicated sex columnist, gay activist and number-one-Rick Santorum-enemy Dan Savage would be filming at Tulane University for his upcoming MTV series. MTV announced this week that the series, Savage U, will premiere on the network April 3.

Savage, who is known for addressing an incredible gamut of sex and relationship concerns in his column, podcast and on speaking engagements around the country, dispenses advice to college students at a variety of campuses in the upcoming series. In the video promo (embedded below), he can be seen asking a female student "Have you been in a frat? (she responds "no") Has a frat been in you?" and advising another student to not "stick his d-ck in any girl (he) wouldn't date." Each of the series' 12 episodes take place at a different campus; MTV has yet to announce which episode will feature Tulane.

Tulane's campus radio station WTUL did an interview with Savage when he was filming on campus. Listen to it here.

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