You know when you’re in the middle of one of those epic life moments, the kind that flashes before your eyes when you’re on the way to meet your Maker? We had that kind of moment crossing the canal into the Ninth Ward last Sunday with To Be Continued Brass Band during the CTC Steppers annual second line.

(more great footage after the jump!)

The CTC Steppers looking super sharp in navy and gold, contrasting beautifully against the gray overcast skies; the music, courtesy of To Be Continued and the Stooges Brass Bands, was nothing short of imperial; the rain came and we rolled even harder. The whole parade was just filled with these mini-magnificent moments:

The lone ranger from the Stooges Brass Band Garfield battling TBC in front of the Hi Ho Lounge.

Then there was TBC playing Little Wayne’s HOES! which turned up the heat on the sidewalk:

Stooges playing their melodious new cut 'Muses':

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