• Scott Satchfield
The piles of plastic detritus and sodden stuffed animals have been cleaned from the streets. The dance teams have stowed away their sequined leotards and tassel boots. The purple, gold and green specks of sugar have been wiped from so many office kitchen counters. It is in a haze of glitter (that you're still trying to remove from your bedroom carpet) and optimistic Lenten promises that we say goodbye to the Carnival season. Yes, Lent is upon us, and the black hole-like vortex of Catholic Guilt (and endless commercials for fish sandwiches) envelops all of us no matter our religious affiliations. But it looks like none of you gave up tweeting, so that's good. I wouldn't have been able to get through this week's GOP debate or Oscars telecast (where a Louisiana-made film grabbed a statue, by the way) without it.

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