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Emily Mueller
  • Emily Mueller

"I didn't expect this kind of reaction at all," said Amy Mueller, as her 11-year-old daughter Emily stood by her side covered in Mardi Gras ephemera. "It's amazing."

The Krewe of Muses den played host to a private party for Emily this morning, to make up for what happened to her during the Muses parade on Feb. 16.

Last night, Amy posted this item about a group of future millionaires, undoubtedly, drunkenly (and viciously) harassing Emily, who is autistic. According to the post, the group was blocking Emily's view of the parade, spilling beer on her and nearly burning her with a cigarette in the process. When Amy asked them to move, here's what happened:

The tall man with the bear hat on his head paid no mind to us. He didn’t move, either.

“Hey, man! I need to move. This woman is bitching at me because her retard daughter can’t see the parade!” he shouted to a kid a few feet away.

"I got an email yesterday. It was so sad. We all started crying. Within 20 minutes, everybody wrote back," said Muses member Renee Rich. They began figuring out a plan to give back what contemporary dudesweet college culture had denied Emily (a nice time) and the rest of us (brief hope for our species). By 11 a.m. today, they did it.

Photos of Emily's party after the jump:


Krewe of the Rolling Elvi
  • Krewe of the Rolling Elvi

The 610 Stompers
  • The 610 Stompers

Amy Mueller
  • Amy Mueller

Emilys gifts
  • Emily's gifts

And a brief video of Emily walking into her party:

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