Attention cheapskates: TLC wants you for reality TV



Do you sift through ashtrays to salvage partially smoked cigarettes? Do you have track marks from selling your plasma? Have you wiped with pages torn from a Victoria's Secret catalog to cut toilet paper expenses? If so, you might be exactly what Extreme Cheapskates is looking for. Coming on the heels of Extreme Couponing's success, this new TLC reality show showcases "thrifty geniuses" with "extraordinary money-saving methods." To be considered for the show, email casting director Michael Petrella ( with the following information:

Please send us an e-mail detailing your most extraordinary money-saving methods and how much it saves you every day, month, or year. Please also include:

FULL NAMES (you, your spouse, your children, etc)
AGES (of everyone involved)
SKYPE HANDLE (if you have one — we will likely conduct Skype interviews during the process)

Finding cheapskates in New Orleans ought to be about as hard as finding a needle at Jo-Ann Fabrics, since we're the 22nd most frugal city in the country, according to a ranking issued this morning by So I'm really hoping to see a family of penny-pinching Yats on TLC - I have a feeling our most mundane cost-cutting recipes could give the guy who cooked a goat's head a run for his money.


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