Endymion's Progress: Friday morning



In the latest set of snaps from our weeklong series, "Endymion's Progress," we find that it's not just a hardy soul or two camped out on the Krewe of Endymion route — there are people, tarps, tents, ice chests, chairs and CAUTION tape everywhere.

Let's start on Canal Street, around Scott Street:


We're already anticipating your questions:

Q. Is this legal???

A. No.

Q. Is the NOPD going to do anything about this sort of thing?

A. Dunno.

Q. What the hell is the streetcar supposed to do? Levitate?

A. There's no streetcar service on Canal Street today and tomorrow. If you're planning to ride public transportation at all through Tuesday, you'd better download a copy of NORTA's Mardi Gras related changes. Here you go:


More pix under the cut, including Orleans Avenue ...


Campin' on the Canal Street neutral ground. You're gonna get wet.


It's not #Occupy New Orleans; it's #Occupy Orleans Avenue.


There's still some prime taping-off space, as these dudes found.

Not pictured: all the streets around Orleans Avenue have curbside parking taped off for residents ... for blocks and blocks. If you're planning to drive to Mid-City to watch Endymion: good luck.

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