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Petite Playboy Television (PPTV) produced this hilarious news spoof where a reporter from the ‘PigeonTown Picayune’ warns that Osama Bin Laden is not dead. After which a video of Osama ‘All About the Benjamins’ Ladin is shown, threatening consequence and repercussions for Americans celebrating his death. The consequences come in the form of excessive taxes on the goods and services coveted in the ‘hood.

“White Tees - TAAAXED!
Black and Milds - TAAAXED!
Ciroc - TAAAXED!
Remy weave Hair, Boost Mobile, Magnum condoms, Weezy Mixed tapes - TAAAAXED!”

The piece concludes with a Hollywood ending, showing smooth President Obama kicking in the door ala Biggie Smalls. The editing is flawless.

The brilliance behind this and many other youtube character sketches is a local guy from the Westbank who calls himself ‘Jack Spratt’. Spratt says he put this skit together on the fly a few weeks after the Al Queda leader was killed.

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“At first, I didn’t have the voice together,” says Spratt. “I took about 30 minutes to get into character. Once people in the house started laughing, I knew I had it. Then it took maybe an hour and half to put the skit together. We produced it in one night.”

“The next month or so, I’d go into clubs like the House of Blues wearing that outfit. Some people laughed, some people got really upset. It’s risky. My brand of comedy is controversial. I like to take current events and just run with it.”

After working in the local music scene for many years, Spratt says his interest in comedy began to grow as a result of becoming heavily active on Twitter and Facebook. “I starting using it as an outlet for my everyday thoughts, blowing off steam. People starting gravitating to it saying ‘you should do this professionally.’ Then while I was on a trip to Jamaica, I took a picture of myself wearing just underwear, standing in the sand on the beach. I posted picture calling myself ‘the Petite Playboy’ and people just went into an uproar. After that, I came home and started PPTV, doing characters and skits. And it just started snowballing from there.”

Spratt has produced about 20-25 youtube videos of comedic characters. Starting March 5th, he can also be seen live Monday nights at Club Envy (1901 Poydras). And his PPTV Episode 3 is coming out in the spring on DVD. You can follow him on Twitter and Facebook: JackSprattNO or contact him directly at


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