Jimmy Fallon's pros and cons of Mardi Gras


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Jimmy Fallon this week explored some very timely New Orleans-y segments, including a visit from Chef John Besh, who shared a crawfish boil. And last night, Fallon's regular "Pros and Cons" segment — in which the Late Night host breaks down the good and the bad of a subject-of-the-day to hilarious effect — looked at those of Mardi Gras. (The segment also has my favorite goofball tune provided by The Roots.) There are some zingers and some intentional collar pullers. Among them:

Pro: Mardi Gras is French for Fat Tuesday. Con: Fat Tuesday is American for Tuesday.


Pro: If you go down, be sure to try the shrimp. Con: That was my pickup line in college.

After the jump, watch Besh's super-goofy Swedish chef impression and seafood boil ("like a Louisiana clam bake") spread while Fallon shares an Abita beer and "lemonade, with booze in it" and a king cake.

And a bonus: Watch Drew Brees shatter Twilight fans' heart by beating werewolf boy in a football-throwing, plate-smashing contest:


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