Endymion's Progress: Thursday afternoon



Aaaaand we have our first campers on Orleans Avenue, waiting for Saturday's Krewe of Endymion parade. Meet Super Dave and his friend Chris Mendel:


Super Dave arrived last night and spent the night on the neutral ground. All he had out there was a chair, which raised the question: No sleeping bag? "I keep the sleeping bag in the port-o-let," Super Dave said. "It's big enough in there."

Chris is Super Dave's friend. He's not going to be watching Endymion —¬†he's going to be riding in it. "The parade is 2/18 and Chris was born on 2/18," Super Dave said. "And he's going to be riding on float 18. Put that in the paper."

Meanwhile, other port-o-lets are springing up on the neutral ground, like mushrooms after a spring rain:


More sights under the cut —¬†including the RV park that's sprung up on N. Carrollton Avenue ...


Caution tape warns paradegoers away from this prime spot on Orleans Avenue. Get your own space!


Can you see the string outlining the rectangle? My first studio apartment was about half the size of this.


All the comforts of home in a vacant lot on N. Carrollton Avenue. Enjoy it now before Winn Dixie spoils the fun.

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