Let Gambit help you get a date



Valentine's Day is upon us, and for the unhappily or just disgruntled single, it can be a chore getting through the day as friends and coworkers are showered with roses, tulips, stuffed animals, cards or chunks of canteloupe and honeydew dipped in chocolate and arranged into "bouquets."

No pressure — but this might be a good day to try out "How About We ...", Gambit's new(ish) dating service where the goal is to get you off the computer, avoid all the awkward emails and get out in the city and do something fun with someone new. It's pretty easy; you come up with an idea for a date or an outing ("How about we ... "), post it on your profile and wait for someone who thinks that might be fun to contact you. Or you can peruse the profiles of others and take them up on their dates (there seem to be a lot of people looking to do Mardi Gras stuff this weekend).

It's free to sign up and look around, and not too expensive to join. Why not give it a shot?


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