Y@ Speak: Of Grammy, Whitney and dogs in costumes



Hometown heroes Rebirth Brass Band won a Grammy! Now on Tuesdays, you have to text your friends with "Would you be interested in seeing the Grammy-award winning Rebirth Brass Band tonight at the Maple Leaf?" (If they even still play there. They might get too famous and start doing The Exorcist-as-interpreted-by-Lady Gaga-style concept performances.) In case you skipped the Grammys to watch Downton Abbey or something, here's what happened: noted abuser Chris Brown** won a Grammy and performed twice, Adele cleaned up, debuted her new beau and performed "Rollin' in the Deep" (but not the bounce version, to the dismay of many); Nicki Minaj did whatever that was, and some hipster guy named Bonny Bear won Best New Artist. Also this week: pop icon Whitney Houston died, and our city's canine constituent donned its Carnival finest for Barkus.

**Welcome to all the avid fans directed here by your Chris Brown Google Alerts! Hope you enjoy your visit, and be sure to leave some really weird comments.

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