Pairings and produce



A Hollygrove produce box.

Hollygrove Market & Farm puts the name of its home neighborhood front and center, but increasingly these days you can find its fresh produce at satellite sites all over town.

An urban farm in its own right, a market for other small-scale farmers and artisan food producers and an education center, Hollygrove has developed an impressive distribution system since forming in 2008. Beginning this Saturday, Feb. 11, Swirl Wine Bar & Market joins that system, adding a Mid-City link to the network.

Each week Hollygrove assembles boxes containing roughly a dozen different items, which it sells for $25 each. Order online ahead of time, and the boxes are delivered to your door or available for pick up at Hollygrove’s distribution points, which include weekly sites in Algiers, the CBD, the French Quarter, Uptown and, now, Mid-City.

A visit to this Swirl site can also include freshly-made dishes and wines by the glass. Mike Fabianski, who works at both Swirl and Hollygrove, is managing the event, which goes from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. and will continue each Saturday.

“I thought this would be a good way to get Hollygrove to this neighborhood and we can support what we’re doing at Swirl as well,” he says.

Richard Papier, the chef who sells tapas at Swirl’s Friday night wine tastings, will be at the shop during the Saturday event preparing and selling dishes from that day’s Hollygrove haul, while Swirl will be pouring wines recommended as pairings for the produce. The market hours coincide with Swirl’s happy hour too, so wines by the glass will be half price.

The idea, Fabianski explains, is to give people some inspirations for how to use their box of produce during the week. Hollygrove also lists recommended seasonal recipes on its Web site.

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