Ellen DeGeneres, Bill O'Reilly, One Million Moms ... and the Metairie JC Penney



Last week we told you about One Million Moms, a group that was threatening to boycott JC Penney because the store has hired Ellen DeGeneres to appear in its commercials —¬†and, you know, she's gay. (DeGeneres, a New Orleans native, has mentioned her first job was at the JC Penney in Metairie.)

Since then, JC Penney has issued a statement of support for the comic, and BIll O'Reilly took DeGeneres' side last night on his Fox News hour The O'Reilly Factor:

DeGeneres also addressed the issue on her talk show today:

It seems the very fabric of our republic has somehow survived both DeGeneres' hiring and the fuming of a Million Moms. Who could have imagined?

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