Veteran political consultant Ray Teddlie dies



Veteran Louisiana political media consultant Ray Teddlie died late Saturday after a long illness. Teddlie was a fixture in state and local political campaigns and was well respected for his insights as well as the distinctive look and feel of his campaign ads. Many of his clients also became close personal friends. They included former Gov. Kathleen Blanco and New Orleans businessman John Georges.

“Ray Teddlie was a brilliant man who understood human nature and knew how to tap into the goodness of people,” Blanco said upon news of Teddlie’s death. “He was sensitive, and used the subtlety of emotion quite effectively in his work. And he was fun to work with, so much so that we enjoyed helping on his other campaigns. He and Raymond [“Coach” Blanco] were quite close, acting as each other’s sounding boards.

“Ray was hands down the smartest man I ever met in Louisiana, and I’ve met a lot of smart people in my time. He became more than a consultant to us; he became a beloved member of our family and one of our closest, dearest friends. He is going to be missed by so many who came to really respect and love him.”

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