Group starts online petition to end victim arrest record releases


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Safe Streets / Strong Communities has created a petition calling for an end to the New Orleans Police Department's highly popular, as-yet-unquestioned policy of publicizing the arrest records of homicide victims.

From the group's petition page at, which has 39 signatures as of this writing:

"If Chief Serpas' goal is to show that the commission of previous crimes, violent or non-violent and regardless of the length of time that has passed, is relevant and related to being a victim of homicide, then the release of such records could be easily accomplished through aggregate and anonymous data later on, not during the most significant time for grieving and healing from the death of a love [sic] one.

NOPD should follow best practices in other cities that have reduced crime. We call on the leadership of our city to prohibit the NOPD from publically announcing the criminal records of homicide victims."


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