Celebrities in New Orleans! They're eating dinner at Emeril's, yelling at the ref at Hornets games, getting in drunken fights outside Tipitina's — just like us! Right on the heels of the announcement of the star-studded guest list of Brad Pitt's Make it Right gala, it seems like celebrities have completely descended upon our city. And if they're not hanging out in New Orleans, they're talking about it — like in the case of human bundle of uncooked gluten-free spaghetti Gwyneth Paltrow, who made a dumb joke about Tulane. Also putting us on the national radar was local celeb Big Freedia, whose appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live brought bounce to the televisions of so many passed-out dads in recliners. I think we've finally made it, you guys. Also this week: the State of the Union, David Vitter livetweets the Monster Jam, and the city continues to be terrorized by that terrifying Hornets king cake baby.

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