What it's like inside a Monster Truck (Hint: extremely loud).



Loud Noises! Riding inside a Monster Truck from Come See About Me on Vimeo.

In the Hot Wheels monster tuck with professional Monster Jam driver Dan Evans. Shot with two GoPro HD Heros

As we mentioned earlier this week, Monster Jam is returning to the Superdome tomorrow night (Saturday! Saturday! Saturday!) and, as promised, here's a video to show you what it's like to ride inside of a Monster Truck. Aside from being really loud, it's also a little hot, very shaky and a complete adrenaline rush.

The truck we rode in is a custom built one designed to carry passengers. Usually monster trucks have just one seat placed in the middle to keep balance, but this one has three seats with two sitting behind the driver. Sadly, we didn't get to crush any cars but believe us when we tell you that just being inside this thing when it accelerates is a complete rush.

Special thanks to truck driver Dan Evans for the ride and Bridget and Carrie from the Ehrhardt Group for hooking it all up. Tickets for Monster Jam can still be purchased.

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