No second line this weekend my good people. So take this time get caught up on overdue cleaning, family obligations and the like cause next weekend we will be rolling the THE TREME SIDEWALK STEPPERS!! And if we’re lucky, the Prince of Treme Glenn David Andrews will be on hand again to grace us with this beloved ode to the 6th Ward.

Ten Years from now, where will I be? (Momma don’t cry!)
Will I shine like the stars, bright as the eyes can see? (Momma don’t cry!)
Will I be kicking the breeze, hanging on St. Phillip Street? (Momma don’t cry!)
All I can ask the Sixth is come on and roll with me!! (Momma don’t cry!)

Gimme a Dime! I only Got 8!

Rooooll With Me!! Knock With Me!!


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