Civil Service Commission: Still no action on OIG access to confidential records



It's been four months since the city's Office of Inspector General (OIG) first requested a controversial change to the city's civil service rules that would allow OIG immediate access to city employee personnel records now considered confidential. And today, for the fourth straight monthly Civil Service Commission meeting, the change has yet to see a vote. From our last story:

The confidential records in question include job counseling and evaluation reports and reports of internal investigations "on the character, personality and history of employees" covered by civil service. According to an October letter from [OIG acting general counsel Suzanne Lacey Wisdom] requesting the change, the OIG is mandated by city ordinance to investigate employee conduct, which, Wisdom argues, necessitates access to the records.

The CSC also voted to defer, at least until next month, a new proposal to change the way meetings are conducted. Specifics on the nature of the proposed change(s) are not yet available. City Personnel Director Lisa Hudson today said she hopes to publish a draft before the February meeting but added that it may not be available on time. However, the change(s), even if introduced in February, would not go up for a vote until March to allow time for public comment, CSC Chair Kevin Wildes and Commissioner Dana Douglas said.

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