Third season of Treme delayed until fall



Over the last two years, a new season of Treme on HBO has joined more traditional pleasures like Jazz Fest and soft-shell crab as proof that spring has truly arrived in New Orleans. Not this year: HBO told the Times-Picayune yesterday that the third season of Treme will not debut until the fall of 2012.

No air date has been announced, and no specific reason was given for the delay. But a number of new shows and season debuts are already scheduled for April 2012 on HBO, which might just be trying to give Treme a little more room to breath. But it means that well over a year will pass between the end of season two and the start of season three.

We'll miss seeing the Treme crew on the street shooting late-season episodes while we're watching the early ones, allowing the chance to try to piece together what's going to happen on the show. It made the loss of street parking a little easier to take.

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