Things got real at the Whole Foods parking lot



Everyone who's visited the Arabella Station Whole Foods should be acquainted with the absolute nightmare that is navigating the store's tiny and crowded parking lot/partial stock room, which is a dark, narrow minefield of potential fender-benders and verbal disputes with uppity clientele. The stresses of worrying about getting in a minor car accident with a yoga mom in a Lexus or ramming into a crate of gourds while trying to back out seem to have taken their toll on one man, who pulled a gun on someone at the store over a parking space. Things totally got real at the Whole Foods parking lot.

The Uptown Messenger reports a man was walking to his car when another man confronted him, accusing him of parking over the yellow line. After the errant parker walked away, the other guy blocked him in with his own truck and then pulled out a revolver. Looks like someone could use some kombucha!

This incident is like a not-funny (well, sort of funny) version of that episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm where Larry David rails on a guy outside Pinkberry for what he calls "pig parking" — which is exactly what the guy at Whole Foods did.

Pig Parking is frustrating, as it results in a contagion of Pig Parks, but it doesn't merit threatening to shoot someone. This may be the first time fictional Larry David handled a situation in a more civilized manner than someone else.

Via Uptown Messenger

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