Following Treme actor/New Orleans native Wendell Pierce on Twitter always proves to be interesting, since he is never short on commentary on everything from Saints football, to New Orleans' education system, to the racial dynamics in The Help (that's why he often in our weekly tweet roundup).

Today he had a lot to say about the city's recent rash of shootings, tweeting "Violence & murder in New Orleans escalating. We are all complicite (sic)." He continued, blaming "exclusionary" public schools and extracurricular activities that leave out poor children for creating a small, but serious, culture of violence. "We are creating an exclusionary community. And kids are falling through the cracks. It only takes 1 to pull a trigger," he tweeted. "The violence is created by a small percentage 1-2%. But impacts us all. Many see it as poor kids killing each other and are indifferent."

He continued discussing what he sees as a double standard when it comes to outrage and media coverage surrounding murders of poor children versus those of white and middle/upper-class children, tweeting about "those at memorial with Congressman Giffords but will never do the same for 2 poor kids killed in a car today in New Orleans." Pierce then responded to a Twitter user asking if he considered the French Quarter curfew to be racist by saying "We will find out when the police face a bunch of drunk girls from Newman and a group of boys partying from OP Walker."

Check Pierce's Twitter for more.

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