Last week Twelfth Night — the day commemorating the time when the Three Wise Men brought king cake to the baby Jesus — happened, so it's Carnival time as the old song goes. That means it's time for king cake breakfasts on average of 4-7 times a week and uncomfortable moments stemming from breaches in office king cake etiquette (bottom line: you get a slice of king cake, you see that plastic infant, you got the baby! None of that clandestinely sticking the baby back in the cake because you don't want to buy the next one. Carnival Karma may punish you in the form of a commemorative ceramic Bacchus medallion hitting you in the face). Speaking of king cake, the much-anticipated king cake vodka finally hit the press circuit (I tried it, and the main flavor profile I picked up was "DayQuil," but I'm no spirits expert). Also this week: the Iowa Caucus, the first Saints playoff game, that weird DirectTV blimp. Go Tigers.

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