King cake-flavored vodka: The Grand Tasting


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So we got our hands on a bottle of that Lucky Player king cake-flavored vodka today, and after lunch everyone gathered in the kitchen for a grand tasting with tiny little purple, green and gold shot glasses ...

Amy Wendel and Christin Johnson of Gambits sales staff, drinking at work.
  • Amy Wendel and Christin Johnson of Gambit's sales staff, drinking at work.

We all swirled the vodka in our glasses and took a deep, appraising sniff, as if we knew what the hell we were doing. Adjectives that were used to describe the aroma:

• sweet
• sweet
• icing
•¬†wedding cake
• wedding cake
• king cake
• Frangelico
• amaretto
• almonds
• straight almond extract
really sweet

But how did it taste? Under the jump ...

The editorial department appraises king cake vodka.
  • The editorial department appraises king cake vodka.
Responses to slugging down the king cake vodka, neat, were wide-ranging, from "I love this!" to "NyQuil. Or some sort of 'Quil." Naturally, folks who liked their drinks on the sweeter side were the ones who preferred it.

Did it taste like a king cake? Yep, it did, sort of, as much as a vodka probably could — but it was also reminiscent of the white frosting on a wedding cake. Everyone agreed it had a long aftertaste and a bit of a burn, but whether this was a good or a bad thing was also in dispute.

Then Jeanne Foster in our marketing department had the idea to drop an ice cube in hers, and, voila: we stumbled upon the proper way to taste king cake vodka. When it was ice-cold, some of the sweetness was cut and the afterburn almost completely disappeared, leaving a warm feeling like amaretto in the throat.

So: Would we buy it? Again, the office was split. It was hard to imagine what you could mix it with besides plain club soda, but for those who like Frangelico, amaretto and other similar spirits, it could be a nice winter warmer.

Armando Diaz, the distiller/importer, says he has a mixologist working on some recipes. Right now, the best possible use for it might be at a pre-parade party as a group shooter, followed immediately by a swallow of a nice cold Louisiana brew. (Bottles should be in your finer liquor emporiums in about two weeks. Price: unknown.)

Happy Twelfth Night to all!*

* For another viewpoint, check out Todd A. Price's Twittered review of king cake vodka.


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