King cake-flavored vodka is a thing



Sir, youve been pulled over because you have king cake on your breath.
  • "Sir, you've been pulled over because you have king cake on your breath."
If distillers and distributors have their way, New Orleans will be ringing in Mardi Gras 2012 by drinking vodka that tastes like a king cake. A company called Lucky Player is introducing the spirit into the local market now; the vodka itself is distilled in and imported from France. According to Lucky Spirit's Facebook page:

Our Original King Cake Flavored Vodka has capture the excitement, essence and love of Mardi Gras. Bottle in France with the creative artwork of artist Andrea Mistretta makes this bottle a truly New Orleans Spirits.

Hmmm. Not sure about that last claim — it seems to ignore the limited-edition, short-lived Absolut New Orleans, the charity bottling dedicated to Gulf Coast restoration (the bottle had a harmonica on it). For some reason, Absolut thought the personification of New Orleans in vodka would be ... mangoes and fresh black pepper. It didn't taste bad, per se — just odd. (Though I have no idea what you could mix it with.)

But the most truly New Orleans spirit I ever got was at a long-ago Krewe du Vieux parade, where a stumble-drunk marcher made her way out of the crowd, gave me a sloppy kiss and handed me a plastic grocery bag, saying "I can't do any more." Inside was a stack of Solo cups, a jumbo-sized jug of Ocean Spray cranberry juice and a plastic bottle of K&B vodka. The resulting creation tasted like jellied cranberry sauce flavored with rubbing alcohol, but it got the job done.

Anyway: king cake vodka! The Gambit editorial staff is up for a tasting. We tried Rouses Markets, but they didn't have it in yet, so we're trying Dorignac's and will report back. If it's not good, we'll feed it to Rex Duke.

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