Merry Christmas, happy Hannukah, joyous Kwanzaa, etc.! As you awake from your food coma, hangover or general post-holiday malaise, it's time to reflect on and be grateful for the gifts Santa — or whoever your designated made-up giver of gifts is — bestowed on us this season. We should be especially thankful for our own Drew Brees, probably the greatest New Orleanian alive right now, who on Monday Night Football last night broke Dan Marino's passing record. We also beat the Dirty Birds, despite Pierre Thomas getting in trouble for putting a Christmas bow on a football (the referee was citing a not-often-used penalty barring against the use of mid-game gift wrapping accoutrement). But during the holidays you always have your Grinches, among them being Lil Wayne, who continues to distance himself from his New Orleans roots by not expressing an appropriate enthusiasm for the Saints (how dare he not worship Breesus like we do!), and some other jerks on Twitter. Also this week: the Joy Theater lights up and NFL players say the darndest things.

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