Y@ Speak: Of burgers, Brees, basketball and bomb threats



Christmas came early with this week's trove of delightful, dramatic and (food) pornographic tweets. The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival announced its 2012 lineup, which included the usual mix of hilarious nostalgia acts, veritable legends and some adult contemporary-flavored indie favorites. There was also some big national news in the ending of the Iraq war and the death of North Korean dictator/meme Kim Jong Il, plus sad news of a toddler getting caught up in this city's plague of senseless violence. Also this week: the usual Saints and Hornets chatter, Jeremy Shockey saying weird things, Will Ferrell is announced as the 2012 Bacchus, a Loyola student gives a whole new meaning to "bombing" a test, and Twitter drama between Company Burger and someone who wants to enjoy her double-patty burger and fancy mayo at 10 o'clock, damnit! (UPDATE: @nolamaven wrote to clarify that she walked into Company Burger before 10 p.m. and was told they were closed, and that she did not, in fact, demand fancy mayonnaise.)

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