Video: Drew Brees appears on Sesame Street this week



Update: And here's the video with "Mr. Drew" (spoiler: Elmo is four potatoes tall):

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The record-shredding, Super Bowl-winning, centurion-emperor of New Orleans will appear on PBS' Sesame Street alongside Elmo (pictured above, next to our beloved lord of pigskin). In the episode ("Elmozilla"), Elmo becomes a giant, and Brees teaches him about the word "measure" — as in, "This is how you tall you are" (and also: "These are how many yards I can throw every game with my eyes closed").

It airs 9 a.m. Thursday and repeats at 4 p.m. Here's a short, Brees-free clip, and the episode synopsis:

Furry friends grow up so fast! Chris is measuring Elmo and friends using a growth chart. But Elmo's not pleased: he's only grown a little bit since the last time, so he convinces Abby to say a spell that will make him taller.

But Abby's spell makes Elmo grow until he is taller than the buildings! She tries to shrink him back, but the spell doesn't work. No worries: Elmo likes being gigantic. Abby calls her mommy for advice anyway, and learns that for the shrinking spell to work, Elmo has to want to go back to normal size.

Chris points out what Elmo's missing, being so tall: jumping rope, playing hide and seek, fitting into Hooper's store. Okay, Elmo's had enough of being tall. Abby casts her spell again, and giant Elmo goes back to normal. Everyone gives Elmo super-sized hugs…now that they can reach him again!"

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