#OccupyNOLA video recap: 12/6/11



A few videos from Tuesday, Dec. 6, a very busy day in and around Duncan Plaza.

First up is an interview with Delia Labarre from yesterday morning. Labarre is a plaintiff in the group's lawsuit against the city.

She says she has bought more than 50 tents for the many homeless people who've been living in Duncan Plaza since the Occupy protests began. In this interview, she tells Gambit that she was momentarily away from Duncan Plaza when police moved in. She came back to find that many of her belongings had been thrown away. And a dog she'd been taking care of was missing.

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Around 12 p.m., protesters temporarily halted a sheriff's sale of foreclosed and blighted homes yesterday. Gambit didn't arrive at the sale until after the protest had died down. But Bridge the Gulf Project got a video:

Finally, after a heated day-long negotiation yesterday, lawyers for both sides were unable to reach a compromise on a temporary restraining order the Occupy New Orleans legal team filed in U.S. District Court on Monday, before the city evicted the campsite. Judge Jay C. Zainey, who yesterday morning said he was "not happy" with the city's decision to move in on the site while the TRO was pending, granted the protesters seven days of full-time occupation and allowed the use of tents in the park. Zainey did impose some restrictions: No open flames, no animals, no electrical cords and no weapons of any kind. The protesters are required to keep two portable toilets for the duration of the occupation and may not use the pavilion in the center of the park.

In this video, the group's lawyers discuss the ruling with protesters and the press:

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