GW Fins reprises lobster tail po-boy



The lobster po-boy served at GW Fins.

Those determined to get their hands on the fried lobster po-boy that GW Fins brought to last month’s Oak Street Po-Boy Festival had to negotiate a line for the immensely popular festival entry that at times stretched for blocks and could take as long as 40 minutes. This month, you can get a taste of the same sandwich by simply making a reservation.

GW Fins normally serves dinner only. But in December, when so many locals plan festive gatherings of friends and colleagues, the upscale French Quarter seafood restaurant adds lunch service on Fridays. It starts this Friday, Dec. 9, and continues Dec. 16 and Dec. 23.

The lunch menu follows the same approach as the ever-changing dinner menu — fish from local and far-flung water alike, treated to some original and generally excellent preparations (here's my review from August). But it also adds a few items, like entrée salads and, significantly, the fried lobster tail po-boy.

GW Fins debuted the sandwich at last year’s Po-Boy Festival and was overwhelmed by the response from festival-goers, says Gary Wollerman, managing partner and co-owner of the French Quarter restaurant. This year, they readied themselves for the onslaught.

“Last year, we had five people and brought enough for 900 po-boys. This year we had two shifts of 10 people and doubled just about everything,” he says.

The line for GW Fins booth at the 2011 Po-Boy Festival.
  • Ian McNulty
  • The line for GW Fins' booth at the 2011 Po-Boy Festival.

They ended up selling about 2,200 po-boys throughout the day.

“We averaged 4.6 po-boys per minute,” Wollerman says.

The po-boys probably won’t be flying out of the GW Fins kitchen quite so fast during Friday lunch this month, which is just as well since you’ll want to take your time with their blue crab pot stickers and lobster dumplings beforehand.

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