Scenes from the East and West Bank parades



Your girl Big Red had a short but sweet foray into second line Sunday (day job duties cut my play time short), had a chance to visit BOTH parades this time. The Westbank Steppers always seem to parade on the same day as my people in the 6th Ward, the Dumaine Street Gang which has posed a considerable dilemma for me being the over-achieving archivist that I am. I was finally able to get some nice footage of the folks on the other side of the bridge this time and it was definitely worth the trip. Really nice club, good energy, and the women second line just a vigorous as the men - something I always like to see. The LadyBuckjumpers, members of the Young Men Olympians and the beautiful November sun came out in support.

(more videos and deets below the jump)

The Dumaine Street Gang’s ensemble was a delightful mix of banana yellow and cobalt blue (third color being Fine Extra Dark Chocolate). Whoever is in charge of picking parade colors and parasol construction is an extraordinary design tastemaker on par with Prabal Gurung and deserves a Hollywood star at the foot of Canal St.


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