Y@ Speak: Sports, sports and more sports edition



We're back with this week's Twitter roundup, and I'd like to start off by reminding everyone that it's "Twitter," not "Twitta." This is "Twitter" with an "e" and an "r" on the end of it. Anyway, so much sports happened this week! The Saints won at the Dome twice, and some Honey Badger guy made good football plays (I'm assuming?) and earned LSU a spot in the BCS Championships. In other news, Reggie Bush Twitter-goofs, Louisiana artists represent at the Grammy nominations announcement, New Orleans out-weirds Austin with Travel + Leisure's distinction as the city with the strangest people, Kenna Kenner Mayor Mike Yenni teaches us how to spell, The Throne was watched, and an eviction order causes a shakeup over at Occupy NOLA (no pepper spray has been deployed as of press time). As Throne occupants Kanye West and Jay-Z would say: that sh— cray.

Via @TeamKCP, @SI_PeterKing, @DavidVitter, @espn, @billmaher, @reggie_bush, @skooks, @MayorLandrieu, @CurrenSy_Spitta, @russbengtson, @ClubAmpersand, @AndrewWK, @bmccarthyTP, @DMonteverdeTP, @FletcherMackel, @RebirthBB, @spacehugs, @SeventhWard, @cohenlensnola, @dirtycoast, @LHolderCBS, @mental_floss, @KeithSperaTP, @Satchfield, @jurzak, @TEDHall, @BlackenedOut, @donlemoncnn, @ManVSParty, @rsmithTP, @UptownMessenger

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