Video: United New Orleans Front press conference at City Hall



Reminder from yesterday: "Group accuses mayor, police of 'racial divisiveness' in denying NAACP head entry to Gallier Hall event"

Today, as City Council was inside the building careening through the 2012 budget, prominent New Orleans activists affiliated with the United New Orleans Front spoke out in front, calling for a full investigation into Serpas' hiring, the recent controversy involving his pension paperwork and his performance during his tenure as NOPD chief.

Video of introduction by W.C. Johnson:

(NAACP New Orleans president Danatus King after the jump)

The group has filed the following complaint (from Johnson and city employee advocate Randolph Scott) against Serpas with the U.S. Department of Justice, the State Attorney General, the Orleans Parish District Attorney's Office and the New Orleans Office of the Inspector General: Holder_Complaint_2.pdf

And this one with NOPD's Public Integrity Bureau: PIB_Complaint.pdf

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