Y@ Speak: 610 Stompers Thanksgiving edition



Thanksgiving happened this week, and the New Orleans Twitterverse was thankful for food, football and most of all, the city's beloved beer-gut ballet — the 610 Stompers. The Stompers appeared on the fourth hour of the Today show in anticipation of their Macy's Thanksgiving Parade jaunt, and locals bristled at co-host Kathie Lee Gifford's lukewarm reception to the "ordinary" men cavorting in short-shorts. It's likely her being really day-drunk on pinot grigio was the cause of her bemused expression, so I wouldn't be too offended, guys. But the Stompers' appearance seemed to be enthusiastically received during the actual parade, probably because they were a breath of fresh air amid the lip-syncing American Idol alumns and Broadway musical casts. Also in Twitter this week: Black Friday, Bayou Classic, Coco Robicheaux's death and Gleason Gras.

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