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Last week I (jokingly) proposed the theory that the @LouisianaPolice Twitter account, which started following people on the site and making them nervous, was some sort of secret spying mechanism of the state police. Well the tweeter behind the account has since responded to my initial request for comment, and you'll be relieved to know it's just a normal person.

"I find something disturbing about that I can create an account that gets more followers than the official @LAStatePolice account in such little time," says Edmond, the freelance web developer behind the account (he requested his last name not be used). "My goal is to do a more efficient job at raising awareness to Louisiana citizens about what's going on."

So that's it! Just someone taking it upon himself to be better at the Internet than an entity concerned with public safety, which is a noble effort. But you should still probably not broadcast your illegal activities to your Twitter followers.


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