New BP ad says 2011 was "best tourism season in years"


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... followed with Galatoire's owner Bill Kearney approaching the camera, saying "all because so many people wanted to visit us — in Louisiana."

BP America announced on its Facebook page yesterday that it's "expanding its Gulf Coast tourism advertising campaign with new ads highlighting 2011's successful tourism season. ... Part of BP's ongoing commitment to support economic restoration on the Gulf Coast, the ad highlights 2011 as the best Gulf Coast tourism season in years and will be part of an integrated television, online and social media campaign."

The ad, another in a series of ads like "Great Vacation" and "Best Place," is peppered with lines promoting Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. "This was the Gulf's best tourism season in years," says one anonymous ad man. "Sun's out, and the water's beautiful!" "Anyone who knows the Gulf knows winter is primetime fun time."

The ad is airing nationally in select markets, so while we're enjoying BP-approved "fun time" in our cozy jambalaya jammies while drinking crawfish cocoa, the frigid north will grow jealous and spend all of that fancy north money to continue said fun time. A win-win! Meanwhile, the ad stars will be forced to take their jolly aggression ("No, Mississippi is better! No, Alabama!") to more physical levels.

Wrangling tourists to the Gulf is going well, according to BP, but the company still hasn't quite figured out how to handle the people who, you know, actually live and work (or at least used to) here, and they'll likely suffer through months of litigation to get something resembling "payments" — not just for the clean-up they did, but for suffering through it all.

Enjoy BP's shorts-and-T-shirts, "cowabunga, dude" version of winter, the primest time for fun times.


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