New Orleans is a fantastic Twitter town, with everyone from musicians, to chefs, to delusional ex-mayors to regular nine-to-fivers posting their 140-character bon mots, complaints about pot holes and red-light cameras and, naturally, lots and lots of food porn. So we thought we'd start a weekly feature highlighting some noteworthy, funny and #smh-worthy tweets from people in, or talking about, New Orleans. In this week's roundup: people freak out about the CBD Rouses, Drew Brees does Leno (and viewers aren't too thrilled about Jimmy Fallon hijacking his appearance), Armstrong Park reopens, people stand in long lines for sandwiches at the Oak Street Po-Boy Festival, and more!

Via @drewbrees, @BlackenedOut, @AlisonF_NOLA, @NolaFoodGoddess, @ToddAPriceTP, @emilyardwah, @SeventhWard, @djsoulsister, @liprap, @FunkyBigSam, @WendellPierce, @poppyt, @GIVERSmusic, @rjroberts, @gwfins, @currysmith, @nolamaven, @lykkeliofficial, @Scotland_Green

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