The police are following you



Whatcha gonna do when they tweet at you?
  • Whatcha gonna do when they tweet at you?
It is instinctively frightening to realize the police are following you — even if it's just on Twitter.

Many people got spooked after receiving emails notifying them that "Louisiana Police (@LouisianaPolice) is now following you on Twitter!" ("I swear that time I tweeted about how I don't agree with school zones because I think abolishing them would teach children valuable lessons I was just joking.") Could the state's law enforcement entities be conducting convert policing operations via social media? Better watch out when you livetweet your bank robbery adventures and all-night hookers-and-coke ragers, because the police are watching!

According to the @LouisianaPolice Twitter bio, the handle is run "by the ppl (people) for the ppl" and it "tweets up-to-date information on police activities in Louisiana." The account seems pretty benign thus far: they've been tweeting traffic and extreme weather updates, a link to a page where you can file an online complaint of suspicious activity, and a few friendly reminders to "Support your local Louisiana PD !"

I tweeted the account yesterday to ask them exactly what their deal is, but I got no response. But the next morning I woke up to find this in my email:


Uh oh.

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