Sundance Channel is looking for the 'real-life Will and Grace' in New Orleans



Are you a woman with a totes fab gay bestie? Someone you refer to when chatting with your girlfriends as your "gay boyfriend/husband"? The Sundance Channel — that of the prestigious film festival — is scouting New Orleans for the third season of its reality show Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys (yikes).

The show aims to be the real-life version of the hit NBC sitcom Will and Grace, which ended in 2006, by depicting women with best friends who are gay males in a particular city (last season was in Nashville, and the season before that was in New York). Producers are casting here and in Denver, but only one city will be chosen for the upcoming season. So you should probably prepare a dance routine to a Lady Gaga or Broadway musical song, or be prepared to cry on cue about your unsuccessful love life and train Gay Husband to swoop in with some witty barb, in order to impress the casting agents and increase New Orleans' chances.

In other words, the producers are probably looking for this:

... and not how you really are, which is more like this:

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