Mayor Mitch Landrieu announced yesterday that the Duncan Plaza (Avery Alexander Park) occupiers are going to be kicked out "sooner rather than later."

(Interesting timing on that, no?)

Occupy New Orleans, meanwhile, has its own announcement. The group(s) is (are) planning a day of action on Thursday to include the traditional general assembly and march, but also an occupation of the scheduled City Council meeting.

(Occupy New Orleans announcement flier after the jump)


The to-be occupied meeting, by the way, is the last regular Council meeting scheduled before Dec. 1, its deadline for finalizing the 2012 city budget. I'm curious to find out if Landrieu is planning on evacuating the park "sooner" or "later" than that.

Update: I can't pretend to know what's going on in the minds of our city's leadership, but I would be rather surprised if the "asking" happens tonight, given what's on Landrieu's agenda for tomorrow. Cue press release:

Political duo James Carville and Mary Matalin will host the gathering of leading political insiders from both parties to discuss bipartisanship

NEW ORLEANS, LA — Tomorrow, Mayor Mitch Landrieu will make remarks at the Bipartisan Policy Center’s (BPC) third annual political summit, Taking the Poison out of Partisanship, at Tulane University. Landrieu will join more than a dozen current and former elected officials, national political strategists from both sides of the aisle, and prominent journalists. Panel discussions throughout the day-long event will explore how Democrats and Republicans can come together as the heated 2012 presidential campaign gears up to address the tough issues facing the country.

On the other hand, cracking hippie skulls has proven to be a politically unifying activity of late.

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