Odd Future/Voodoo: more from another photographer



I saw some of the events involving Odd Future members and press photographers at Voodoo, as I noted here. I contacted Odd Future's publicist Heathcliff Berru last week to request comment and to see if Left Brain would answer questions about the incident. Berru responded via email: "I don’t condone abusive behavior nor does the group. Left Brain is not available to speak at this moment. Sorry!"

I followed up, noting that I had seen Left Brain take a swipe at a camera and saw him kick over a tripod. I asked how Left Brain's behavior was explained by saying the band does not condone abusive behavior. I have not gotten a response.

At the show, I saw photographer Erika Goldring in the press pit. I also contacted her last week to ask what she saw. Here is her emailed response:

I had never seen Odd Future so when they started criticizing the photographers, I looked at one of my guy friends next to me and asked if it was real or part of their schtick. He didn't know either but said stand back. I intended to shoot the whole set, as I was the staff photographer assigned to that band. Not after that. I saw the guy swing at the photogs up in the front against the speakers but didn't actually see him hit her. I did see the red mark on her face a few hours later. I'm curious as to why the band even allows photographers if they hate them so much.

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