Happening in conjunction with the already-in-progress Ladyfest New Orleans, the inaugural women-only YeMaYa walking parade debuts tomorrow at 6 p.m. (check out my story on it here). Parade marchers represent the city's many women's marching organizations, including the variety of vaginally named ones (Cameltoe Lady Steppers, Pussyfooters, Bearded Oysters), traditional second-line groups (Lady Buckjumpers, Lady Rollers) and others (New Orleans Ladies Arm Wrestling, "a gourp of radical doulas").

The parade starts at Buffa's and ends with a party at the Maison, where parade founder Ann Marie Coviello says should be the best place to watch it. "It’s always so exciting to see a parade come home," she says. "I expect it'll be really fun to see that parade come home and see all these women be like “Yeah, we did it.'”

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