Tabloid subject Joyce McKinney makes news again


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Errol Morris' Tabloid chronicles the bizarre and salacious escapades of Joyce McKinney, the onetime darling of the British tabloid press. The former Miss Wyoming with a Southern drawl was tried in Britain for kidnapping her former Mormon boyfriend. She became the tabloid's "Sex in chains girl," and as more tabloids investigated her story, more spilled out, including suggestions she was a bondage model, an escort and more.

Errol Morris interviewed her and many of the reporters for his excellent documentary, which screened recently in the New Orleans Film Festival. (Review here.) The Mormon boyfriend and several others declined to talk to him.

McKinney soon started publicly complaining that she had been misrepresented and that Morris and his crew deceived her. But she also seemed to enjoy her renewed public spotlight. The New York Times reported that she started appearing at film fest screenings, sometimes in disguise. And she griped for crowds that the media had, just like in the original tabloid extravaganza, misrepresented her.

Today, she filed a defamation suit against Morris. We can only eagerly await the evidence and testimony introduced in court.


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