Big Freedia gives etiquette tips on Dinner Party Download



Big Freedia: New Orleans bounce high priestess, booty-dancing extraordinaire, interior decorator and now, etiquette expert.

The rapper appears on this week's installment of the Dinner Party Download, the American Public Media program aimed to outfit listeners with smart conversation fodder for weekend social engagements, to dispense some etiquette advice.

After explaining bounce to hosts Rico Gagliano and Brendan Francis Newnam — she describes it as "up-tempo, heavy bass, call-and-response-type music ... (that) definitely involves a lot of ass-shaking" — Freedia fields questions regarding door-opening etiquette, incessant texters and approaching a friend who doesn't dress for her body type. She also gives some dance tips to someone who is presumably an awkward white gentleman.

The hosts said Freedia qualified as an etiquette expert by merits of her song "Excuse," which is clearly a paean to good manners. I hope this guest appearance means NPR listeners around the country will be engaging in witty banter about Big Freedia at their weekend dinner parties.

You can listen to the episode here.

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