Cheap Trick: We didn't lip-sync at Voodoo!



After reports that Cheap Trick was lip-synching some of the band's performance at the Voodoo Experience on Sunday, we heard from Ben-David Fenwick, the band's publicist, this afternoon, who says any talk of lip-sync shenanigans is "completely untrue."

Fenwick also has statements from the group's sound engineer and manager:

Bill Kozy, Cheap Trick front-of-house sound engineer:

"No pre-recorded vocal tracks, or any musical content whatsoever, were ‘flown-in’ or played back during the Cheap Trick performance at Voodoo Fest in New Orleans on Sunday October 30, 2011 (nor anytime EVER in the nearly ten years I have worked for the band). I use (antiquated?) analog gear to mix the band, and Robin Zander's vocal is not manipulated with any pitch correcting or ‘auto tuning’ devices at all. If anything, a 30 year-old Yamaha effect unit is used for a touch of chorus on the vocal, and I also employ my very analog fingers to tap on a delay-echo foot pedal to do things like repeat the word 'crying' in the song “I Want You To Want Me” or add long delay, and sometimes an 'Elvis' slap repeat to the vocal as the particular song dictates."

Dave Frey, Cheap Trick's manager:

"Cheap Trick's biggest songs were from a LIVE record that sold 6 million units and people are surprised to find the band sound exactly the same at a LIVE concert. And lip-synching can be so challenging. A band would require a very specially trained sound-person to time exactly when to insert ‘...go, get away from the stage!’ just prior to a storm arriving that in part caused a 45-ton stage roof to fall on the band and their crew during their performance in Ottawa this past July."

Both commenters on our original post expressed their belief that Robin Zander was indeed singing live. Here's one of the vids of the band at Voodoo (they seem to be taken off the Web as soon as they're posted) — you can definitely hear that delay-echo pedal in use:

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