Another toothbrush incident on The Real World



  • Screengrab from TMZ
This week is filled with Real World news!

In case you've wiped it from your memory as part of some sort of intensive post-traumatic therapy, The Real World New Orleans was a show that existed. On it, cast member Ryan Leslie discovered a fellow housemate peed on his toothbrush and he tried to get the police involved over it. The intrepid folks at the Times-Picayune were on it even before the show aired.

But it seems Real World Chicago alum Tonya Cooley has him beat with her accusation of toothbrush assault: according to a lawsuit, she's saying male cast members raped her with a toothbrush while taping the spin-off Challenge: The Ruins. Cooley also claims show producers were aware of the incident but didn't do anything.

A word of caution to anyone heading to Baton Rouge to audition for the show tomorrow: if you end up being among the seven feral humans selected to get drunk on television, beware of toothbrush assault.


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