Cryptic #OccupyNola Facebook update [Plus a brand new disclaimer]



Disclaimer: I was, well, I can't really say "informed" quite yet, but at the very least told that the Occupy New Orleans Facebook page was "hijacked" by a former member of the group. So was the @occupynola Twitter account.

The source, whose information I've been unable to confirm, directed me to the new "official" "general assembly approved" accounts: and @occupynola504. But the point is I don't know whether these are the "real" accounts or for that matter, what "real account" even means in this context.

I asked the source whether the information about Nov. 1 announcement was still valid, and received a response, but it only "confirmed" (again, not sure) that the accounts were hijacked rather than answered the actual question. I've also sent an email to what was, at least for a time, the official Occupy New Orleans media relations Gmail account. In any case, this is all rather tedious.

I have no idea what this means, how this announcement will be delivered or where exactly the "next level" is located. But I'm mildly to moderately intrigued.

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