Note to New Orleans food establishments: Drew Brees loves "beefy mac"


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During Sean Payton's regular Monday press conference with the media, he shared this bit of information that you can watch above about Drew Brees' pre-game eating habits. It appears that, before every game, Brees likes to eat macaroni and cheese with ground beef mixed up in it.

We know this because the Saints, who like many teams keep stay at hotels the night before home games, decided to stay at the JW Marriott before facing the Colts on Sunday night. Unfortunately for Brees, the Marriott staff neglected to include the "beefy mac" that he enjoys, even though Payton says the team lists all the food the players like to eat for the buffet. Payton said that the hotel also forgot his favorite dish, lasagna, and said that the Saints will never stay at the JW Marriott again.

Brees apparently took it all in stride, improvising his own version of the dish by cutting up some hamburgers over spaghetti. And, obviously, it didn't affect his game. But it wouldn't be a surprise if every hotel in New Orleans will start keeping a "beefy mac" recipe handy for Brees just in case the Saints come calling. Also, it may be a good move by the Marriott staff to send Brees a batch as a way of apology. You know, considering one of the frequent jokes when the Saints won the Super Bowl was about how the players might get fat off of all the free meals they'd get, it doesn't look good when you forget the Super Bowl MVP's favorite dish.

Let's just hope this is inspiration for a couple of enterprising New Orleans chefs start whipping up some Brees Beefy Mac dishes, because I suddenly have a craving.

Full transcript of Payton's comments are after the jump.

(video via Cajun Boy)

Q: Does it surprise you how well Drew Brees is playing given he’s playing with a couple new offensive linemen and Darren Sproles?

A: “Nothing surprises me in that he’s so driven. I think to some degree the lockout and him having even more to do with organizing player workouts and setting up the facilities at Tulane. When you find yourself that embedded and that involved to an extent where he’s already been, in other words he’s season schedule is amazing, and if you tracked his Monday or his Tuesday, it is so routinely driven with when he gets up, when he arrives, he’ll take a nap after practice after the first film study before he’s going to watch red zone film study. We all get in these routines and these players that are exceptional at that and very consistent with that. We had a diversion this week where we were at a different hotel. We were at a JW Marriott. We’re never there. So typically the night before we play games, we have a certain snack and it’s always the same. It’s cheeseburgers, pizza, spaghetti, cold cuts, salad, there’s always this lasagna, and then there’s this beefy mac that Brees likes. It’s just beef and macaroni and I think there’s maybe a couple other people, but there’s not many that eat it. We get to the buffet on Saturday night and I’m there first. The players are still finishing up their individual meetings and I’m kind of hobbling through and looking at the food and there’s no beefy mac. There’s no lasagna which is what I like to eat, so I’m thinking there’s no chance of these guys getting a long-term deal with us. They don’t have Brees’ meal and they don’t have what I like. So I sit down and I’m eating the spaghetti and pizza and finally Drew comes in. I said, ‘We have a little issue here,’ and he asked, ‘What’s that?’ I said never mind and I watched him and he’s meandering around, so he goes on to plan B and he takes a hamburger patty and chops it up over spaghetti and tries to make this homemade beefy mac I guarantee you it was on the menu list that had to be prepared and they didn’t get it done. It’ll be the last time we’re there. I asked him if this has ever happened and he said it’s happened a couple other times.”


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